High Rise QD 1" 25mm See-Thru Scope / Optics Ring Set (Two)

High quality scope ring made for real steel rifle scopes that works perfectly for Airsoft. Set of 2 high rings, keeps the scope high on the airsoft gun. Suitable for scopes with large diameter front-lenses. Allows the use of the fixed sights, when using a smaller diameter scope. Fits scopes and dot-sights with a 25.4mm (1 in.) body. Mounts on 21 mm / weaver rails. Height between scope and rail, 20mm (0,8 in.)

1" / 25mm Full Metal High Rise See Thru Weaver Ring set for scopes, red dot, optics, laser and combat flashlights. Set of 2

Quick Detach.

Weaver / Picatinny rail compatible. (All Standard 20mm gun rails)

Iron sight see thru hole allow shooters to use iron sight along with the scope.

Non-slip surface designed for most optic and weapon lights.

Real steel grade product found in real gun stores.

Designed for simulations, war game, hunting and shooting sports.

Material: Alloy Metal / Aluminum.

Mounting: 2 top screw.

Attachment: Picatinny / Weaver / 20mm gun rails.

Weight: 3 oz

Height: 2.25 inches

Width: 45mm

Color: Matt black

High Rise CNC AQD 1" 25mm See-Thru Scope / Optics Ring Set (Two)

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