Precision CNC machined aluminum construction

Amplifies the muzzle report from firing your Airsoft gun

Licensed from Noveske w/ laser engraved trademarks and logos

The licensed Noveske KX5 flash suppressor / blast director works as a sound amplification device for your Airsoft gun to amplify the muzzle report and throw it down range.

The Noveske Amplifier is designed to give a louder bang to your airsoft guns. It can amplify any type of airsoft gun, but works especially well on GBB rifles and pistols. Amplifiers are used not only to enhance the look of the gun, but by increasing the sound, adds a little more intimidation to suppressing fire. It's loud, it's scary and it can help your gun stand out, loud and clear from the rest!

Manufacturer: SOCOM Gear


Dimensions: 83 x 30mm

Thread: 14mm+ / 14mm clockwise

Material: Aluminum T6 6061

Flash Hider for Airsoft Rifles 14mm Positive/CW סתרשף איירסופט כיוון השעון

230.00 ₪מחיר